About Dash


Dash Riprock is a sweet Brindle Chihuahua I fell in love with online from a Dallas rescue. Dash came to us in much worse shape than we understood. After several problems with his eyes, we have come to a conclusion along with his amazing team of veterinarians, his quality of life will improve greatly if he no longer has to endure the constant pain of chronic dry eye. He has had months of aggressive medicines, but he still has zero tear production. His corneas are primarily turning to “leather” and one is actually wearing away. Attempts to lubricate are made every 2 hours. There is a constant issue with mucus build up. This build up, of course, turns hard and in turn irritates him as well.

This blog is where you do two things: watch Dash’s progress as we prepare for his upcoming live changing surgery AND you can purchase works of art or various other handmade items. Your kind donation will 100% be put toward his upcoming bilateral enucleation surgery. You will have a lovely RAINBOW maker to enjoy. Our hope is you will think of Dash when you see the rainbows made by these high-quality crystal art pieces- knowing the rainbows you see have helped Dash no longer be in pain and is living his best life. He currently takes strong narcotic pain medication twice a day to help, but the only way to help at this point is to remove the source of his pain- his eyes. Once his eyes are removed, he will no longer need these narcotic painkillers and will feel like playing!

This is not a place to judge- we are NOT a charity. These items are in return for your gift for this darling little man. We want him to live the fun joyful life that he deserves.
New items will be added as they become available and of course, custom items or requests are appreciated. If you see an item you like a comment with your interest, and I’ll get right back to you. I will send a PayPal link to complete the gift. If you would like me to make a piece just for you, contact me! Thanks for stopping by- LOVE AND RAINBOWS!
Darla and Dash